Kilmovee Gathering

Kilmovee Gathering


The year of zero 13, in history will go down

As our many Irish exiles, return home to their town

Right across the country, there are gatherings taking place

It’s a chance for long lost loved ones, to meet up face to face

And we have also done our bit, as all of you can see

We have organised some parties, in the parish of Kilmovee

We all have family members, somewhere across the foam

With a passion and a longing, to return to their own home

In all sides of our parish, emigration has left its mark

We now stroll the plains of Africa, and the paths of Central Park

We have helped to change the landscape, and that’s the reason why

In every corner of the world, the Tri Colour flies high

And The Gathering is a great excuse, to get our families back

Be it only for a week or two, for a reunion and the craic

We have many spots of interest here, well known to most of you

So while you’re here amongst us, make sure you see a few

Take a visit to our local pubs, full of character and charm

Where you are guaranteed a welcome, that is genuine and warm

And call up to Cois Tine, and find out what they’re at

You can sit and have a cuppa, have a sing song and a chat

And while you’re in the area, a trip you will have to make

Is to our ancient Abbey, on the shores of Urlar lake

And then we’ve Clough na Halteor, where our forefathers committed crimes

When they celebrated mass there, in the far off penal times

Well in this year of the gathering, on the 23rd day of July

Once again we had a mass there, and remembered those gone by

And what a lovely turn out, they came from far and near

For this unique occasion, on this Historic year

It would really put you thinking, how the years do go so fast

And how things have come a long way, from the dark days of the past

I know there are still folk leaving home, because work is hard to get

But the farthest point you can go now, is just a few hours on a jet

Then a few miles further down the road, if you travel towards the west

There’s an old grave yard in Kilkelly, where St Celcus is laid to rest

This August in Kilkelly, there is a festival taking place

With all kinds of activities, so make sure that you touch base

There’re are lots of things check out, so many holy wells

With unspoiled scenery all around, with hills and lakes and dells

It is always such great therapy, to have a laugh and talk

And it’s good for mind and body, to take a forest walk

So whatever takes your fancy, for an adventure big or small?

You will not be disappointed, for we have got it all

And for those that could not make it here, I want to make it clear

We really mean it when we say, we wish that you were here

And for those of you that came along, you are welcome one and all

Soak up the hospitality, and have yourselves a ball

And in years to come when they talk about, the weekend we did share

At the Gathering in our Parish, you can say That I Was THERE

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