After The 2013 All Ireland

After 2013


Another one has got away, and we’re feeling a bit down

The smiling happy faces, have transformed into a frown

To be beaten by a single point, is very hard to take

You focus on that narrow miss, or on a slight mistake

And we ask ourselves some questions, all the buts, and ifs and whys

If a few things had gone different, we’d have cheers instead of sighs

This feeling is not new to us, we have all been here before

Our heads are down we’re feeling sad, and our hearts are very sore

But we never yet threw in the towel; we took it on the chin

We’ve bounced back many times before, and we will do the same again

And congrats to our minor team, that won the Markam cup

They gave us all a mighty lift, and raised our spirits up

And it made the hair stand on our head, and it left a lasting mark

When the Green and Red of Mayo, was blasted around Croke Park

And some of those great minors, will shortly get the nod

To join the senior panel, and strengthen up the squad

I know it’s only natural, to be feeling down today

But we know from past experiences, this feeling will not stay

For when the dust has settled, and the troubled waters calm

We will talk of next September, and the new battle for Sam

And again we will follow our team, full of banter and of craic

For our spirit is not broken, Mayo will be back

We could have won on Sunday, I think that’s fair to say

But we must admit the Dublin team, just edged it on the day

We should be well ahead at half time, but the Dubs could say the same

For some great saves in the first half, helped keep us in the game

At times we had the upper hand, as the crowds they cheered and roared

But all of our possession, was not put on the board

Dublin have a great young team, they’ve taken the top seat

And I believe that in the next few years, they’ll be the team to beat

At the moment we’re in second place, so we have to plan and plot

For we are really only inches, from taken the top spot

It’s hard to lose by one point, but do you know what’s even worse

I began to ask the question, if there really is a curse

But I think I know the answer, it’s very blunt and tough

We’ve really got a great squad, but as of yet, not good enough

But lads it’s coming nearer, and soon ye will have your say

In   capturing the greatest prize, in the sport of GAA

And just before I finish, I must say clear and loud

To the management and the panel, you should feel very proud

We know the work that you put in, the sweat and blood and tears

That hasn’t gone unnoticed; you’ve been doing it now for years

There are legends in so many sports, but they get paid to play

And they wouldn’t hold a candle, to our lads in GAA

So from every fan in Mayo, this is a massive ask

But please give it another year, and finish off the task

You are only just a breath away, for deep down we all know

That you’re a special bunch of players, and you can bring Sam to Mayo

Peter Costello


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