The time was just twelve thirty, Dallas Texas was the spot

And everyone knows where they were, when JFK got shot

There is so much I could write about, I don’t know where to start

Like a movie straight from Hollywood, that tugged at every heart

The success and the tragedies, that engulfed the Kennedy clan

And the personal life and Politics, that surrounds this famous man

He suffered lots of ailments, the history books recall

But Jack he was a fighter, and overcame them all

He slowly climbed the ladder, and in nineteen sixty one

He was finally rewarded, for the hard work he had done

And January the 20th, was the momentous day

He became president number thirty five, of the mighty USA

His reign it did not last for long, but he sure left his mark

It’s fare to say he shone a torch, for people in the dark

And while he was in office, a few major things took place

Like the building of The Berlin Wall, and the competitive space race

The Cuban missile crisis, where things got pretty hot

And the Bay of Pigs invasion, that cannot be forgot

But on November twenty second, of nineteen sixty three

A sniper from a window, changed the course of history

While travelling in a motorcade, and waving to his fans

A gunshot broke the silence, and stalled his many plans

Commotion soon took over, there were sirens and alarms

But the efforts were all fruitless, he died in Jackie’s arms

It’s hard to see how anyone, could justify this crime

A wise and youthful president, was shot down in his prime

It was Lee Harvey Oswald, that fired the fatal shot

But there are questions still unanswered, some say it was a plot

A trial, it never happened, Jack Ruby saw to that

He pulled a gun on Oswald, and the trail at once went flat

Everyone that is old enough, can recall that fateful day

When the world lost a great statesman, the unique JFK

For just a few months earlier, he came as he had planned

He travelled here on Air Force one, to visit Ireland

As a country we were honoured, we came to a standstill

As we welcomed this great President, all the way from Capitol Hill

The village of Dunganstown, was where it all began

And now standing here amongst them, was the world’s most powerful man

 He talked about the famine, and how his great grandfather had to roam

And how this journey had been special, he said he had come home

Well sadly five months later, his life came to an end

America lost their head of state, and Ireland lost a friend

He was buried in Virginia, and three years from that day

Over sixteen million people, had visited to pray

And placed beside his gravestone, an eternal flame shines bright

A reminder that his short life, lit an everlasting light

He will always be remembered, for his wisdom, charm and smile

And we are proud of his connection, with our lovely emerald isle

The world lost a great leader, on that November day

And no one yet has filled the boots, of President JFK

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