Nelson Mandela


I could not let this moment pass, without writing a few lines

About a man that walked through life, on a path laced with landmines

The late Nelson Mandela, is now deceased and gone

But the legacy that he left behind, forever will live on

The work that he has carried out, will go down in history

He made the near impossible, become reality

His passion was for justice, and he fought against a gale

Was arrested and imprisoned, and spent 10,000 days in jail

He did not hate his captors; each was treated as a friend

He believed that those who endure the most, will be victors at the end

And even on the inside, he nurtured the seeds he’d sowed

But what marks him out as special, was the forgiveness that he showed

After years of vile mistreatment, where they tortured soul and mind

He walked from Robben Island, and left all the hate behind

He continued on his journey, jail did not dim his lights

He rallied up the forces, and demanded civil rights

Support it came from every side, he built a powerful team

And they will leave no stone unturned, to carry out his dream

A lot of changes they took place, as through his life he went

From a rebel to a prisoner, and then the first black President

When he talked you had to listen, his words were fair and wise

He was rewarded back in 93, when he won the Noble Peace Prize

As President in 94, he heralded a new dawn

He changed the world for all of us, and for children not yet born

Equality for everyone, is something he did yearn

He said no child is born to hate, that is something they must learn

We all can make a difference here, and give a helpful shove

For we know it is much easier, to teach kids how to love

When he stepped down from public life, and bid us all adieu

His parting words to all of us, were don’t call me, I’ll call you

He will always be remembered, with passion and with pride

South Africa lost its greatest son, when this father figure died

His life was never easy, it was prosperous but tough

Now he is gone to reap the rich rewards, that he is so deserving of

Because of his amazing work, the freedom flags unfurled

History will be very kind, to the man that changed the world

He broke down the apartheid, and opened up the gates

He will truly be remembered, as one of the all time greats

South Africa has moved forward, though the progress might be slow

They have changed their way of thinking, but there’s a long way still to go

Madiba you were special, and one thing we know is true

The world would be a better place, if more leaders were like you

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